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Hi guys I use to frequent this site a few years ago but haven't really been on since. I'm just curious as to what standards are most common for a shower for you all. I live in oklahoma and here the market is quite flooded with illegals workers and people who don't give a ####. So when it comes to building standards I don't think there are many. To paint a picture for you guys here most builders prefer the shower method which is cheaper and skip out on any type of water membrane protection to include a sheeting behind the backerboard. I hear people say well you should not take a job if it's not to what your standard would be but that would almost definitely mean not having a job at all. So I'm just curious as to how people from other areas would react to something like this and what some of your methods would be?
Category: Tile Post By: CONNIE REYNOLDS (Salem, OR), 02/17/2019

If we are looking at shower installation standards there is only one reference. Order yours today. Interesting side note more of these are sold to law firms than to tile/stone contractors.

- CONNIE REYNOLDS (Salem, OR), 04/30/2019

I own this and most publications from tcna. Still doesn't change that in my state following the guide to a T almost guarantees you have no work. My state has really horrible building standards and I understand this but in the same I've done tile for 11 years. Only 2 failed jobs... one an epoxy grout job. And one more recently a shower done with a thinset our suppliers sold to the builder to save money and said was within standards for what we were using it for. Which it wasn't. I'd love to do things fully within tcna guidelines. It's just not always as simple for everyone as it seems for some of you on here. I'd lose 20 houses a year if I refused to do a job because a shower was out of plum or square. Same if I refused to do the job because they won't pay the extra cost of painting on or using a sheet membrane in there showers. It's just really that common of a practice around here without the tcna being taken into factor that one would seriously be without a job if they only followed this handbook... that or totally broke. I do wish my state would raise there inspection process and standards for allot of this stuff.

- KATHRYN CRUZ (Bloomington, MN), 04/26/2019

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